Featured Writing Tools: Phrases.org.uk, Idioms.in & Phrases.net

I think a predominant amount of what I want to do with my blog is to help other writers and readers. One of the types of websites that I have often used to help me build portions of my writing- or as inspiration- is to do with common phrases. They can be used as writing prompts, research and even developing your writing.

The Phrase Finder

Though Phrase Finder has a basic appearance, it has a wide variety of information available. Following the letter guides, you can go to lists with the varying phrases available. The thing I appreciate most about the website is that there’s so much research into the origins of each phrase with early citations of when they were used in media. There used to be an email newsletter which offered a phrase a week, but that has ceased since about the beginning of this year. However, it still has a lot of information to offer and has some interesting pages such as the proverbs.


Similar to the above, Phrases.net is a great resource for the meanings of phrases. It is kind of lacking in some ways; as it doesn’t have the origins or the amount of historical information. However, it has phrases that are newer and more common. For example, if we go to the “break up” phrase, we can find about half a dozen meanings for such a common phrase. It’s useful because people can find meanings or use them as inspiration (writing prompts, or something similar). Further down the phrase page, we can find a translation tool. At the bottom of the phrase page, it also includes citation if you need to use it in some sort of essay or research paper.


Much like The Phrase Finder, idioms has a pretty good amount of interesting information. It has a heap of origin information of phrases, plus examples of how they might be used. It doesn’t have the same level of organisation as the others; if you go to one of the letters, you’ll be taken to the actual entries in varying order, rather than in one alphabetical list.

Regardless of whether you use one of these websites or not, I think they’re valuable resources into the origins and usage of phrases. You might be able to find something that interests or inspires you. Overall, the best thing about these websites is that they’re free.

I am in no way affiliated with these websites or any owners of either. I am just a happy user and felt that their services might be beneficial to others.


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