Television Review: NTSF:SD:SUV

Production Year(s): 2011–2013
Episodes: 39
Categories / Themes: It’s primarily a parody mocking crime shows.
Cast: Paul Scheer as Trent Hauser, June Diane Raphael as Piper Ferguson, Brandon Johnson as Alphonse Bearwalker, Kate Mulgrew as Kove, Rebecca Romijn as Jessie Nichols, Martin Starr as Sam Stern, Rob Riggle as The President of the Navy, Peter Serafinowicz as the voice of S.A.M., Karen Gillan as Daisy

 photo NTSFSDSUV Screen Capture 2.png

NTSF:SD:SUV is a parody of many different crime and espionage dramas. It stands for National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle, in a reference to the titles of things such as CSI, NCIS: LA, etc. It does have some very clever humour at times, but mostly the humour is somewhat silly and absurd. The NTSF employees catch killers and thwart all types of national threats. These threats are also as absurd as the humour and character behaviours. Sometimes they deal with killer dolphins, comic book fans, etc. I appreciate that the plot lines take on a ridiculous quality; despite it being a parody, there’s a lot of originality and the writing is often very creative. In other reviews I’ve read of the show, I know a lot of other people don’t like it because of the writing and production. However, I think it’s fantastic!

 photo NTSFSDSUV Screen Capture 1.png

My favourite episode would have to be Season 01, Episode 02: “The Birthday Party That Was Neither”. It’s a great version on the stereotypical revenge that a villain might take and really develops a lot of personality out of many of the characters. Kove, played by the wonderful Kate Mulgrew, is my favourite character. I appreciate that, despite other characters not always listening to her, she has a strong leadership role much of the time. I think it’s also interesting that the writers have provided her with so much background. In many serious crime shows, we often have a team leader/ boss type without much of a background (or a lame one, when it does show up). However, in comparison, NTSF:SD:SUV has a pretty good range of back stories for each character and tries to really develop each team member.

 photo NTSFSDSUV Screen Capture 3.png

Overall, yes a lot of the humour is childish. However, the episodes are short so you won’t have spent too much time on it if you don’t like it. Personally, I think it’s definitely worth watching.

I am not being paid, nor do I receive and funds, for this post. It’s just an honest review of a show I like.


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