Book Review: Ten Zany Birds By Sherry Ellis (free Smashwords coupon code until 26th Oct, 2016)

 photo Ten Zany Birds by Sherry Ellis.jpg Title: Ten Zany Birds
By: Sherry Ellis
Illustrated: Charu Jain
Categories / Themes: picture book, birds, counting, personality.
Read: 11th January, 2016 – 12th September, 2016
Rating: 5 / 5
Obtained: Smashwords (via a free Coupon Code)
Crossposted Review to: Goodreads, Smashwords

Ten Zany Birds is a short, beautiful book by Sherry Ellis with amazing illustrations by Charu Jain! It tells the story of birds in a tree through rhyme. As we follow the events, we encounter visitors to their home and what happens, counting down as each bird leaves for various reasons. The pictures are just gorgeous and are brilliant displays of colour, sure to please any reader. The rhymes introduce the children to varying colours, counting and patterns.

I think the thing children will appreciate most is that each bird has a different personality. Throughout the book, each bird associates with varying objects and other creatures. For younger readers, it’s an excellent introduction to many different types of actions. For an older reader, I think it’s very interactive and any child will like the illustrations. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable book.

Title: Ten Zany Birds
By: Sherry Ellis
Illustrated: Charu Jain
Words: 240
Expires: 26th Oct, 2016
Coupon: WJ95M

I was lucky enough to receive a free eCopy of this book when there was a free coupon code for it at Smashwords. These are just my honest thoughts on it.

As for the coupon code, I am not officially affiliated with the author. I am simply reposting a coupon that was offered freely on their own blog, hoping to spread a little bit of joy to others. 🙂 Please, if you do use the code, make sure that it functions correctly when using.


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