Featured Music Videos 004

Scared To Death by HIM (His Infernal Majesty) is a great example of the band’s work. It has a clean palette of music and a beautiful sample of Ville’s lyrics. I first started listening to the band about ten years ago (yes, it shocked me as well that it has been so long). Another perspective of music they have is a deep, haggard, gothic look into thiings like love and occultic.

Demonstrate by Rania (Regeneration Idol of Asia) is a fun song, I think. The music video features the vocals, but not with a visual appearance of their newest member (at the time)- Alexandra. From the singers’ perspective, it encourages a partner to take more chances and take life at a faster pace.

Ich Will by Rammstein translates to “I Want” in English and the song speaks of desire for attention. With Rammstein, it’s been at least a dozen years since I first started listening to the band. I think the main reason for my enjoyment of their music is that it takes a different look to the world and some of their songs parody things we might think common, but with a new perspective. Their music is powerful and their stage presence (judging by their videos) is quite an incredible sight.


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