Book Review: Grimwood Crossing (Issue #1 of 6) by Conner Bartel & Atagun Ilhan

 photo Grimwood Crossing Issue 1 of 6 by Conner Bartel Illustrations - Atagun Ilhan.jpg Title: Grimwood Crossing (Issue #1 of 6)
By: Conner Bartel
Illustrations: Atagun Ilhan
Categories / Themes: old western, supernatural, law enforcement, comic.
Read: 18th October, 2016
Rating: 3 / 5
Obtained: Newsletter sign up to the official website.
Crossposted Review to: Goodreads
Official Website:

Grimwood Crossing is a supernatural tale of the Wild West. We begin with a zombie horde about to attack. The main characters are a Sheriff (Bill) and his apprentice (Bobby), both monster hunters. Their job is to keep the town safe from the supernatural creatures that threaten it.

As for originality, I’m not too impressed; it’s essentially sticking zombies and vampires in a book with an old western theme. The characters are also lacking creativity; Bill and Bobby are a typical master and apprentice duo, with a bit of generic “I know better than you do” / “I don’t like you” banter between them. Their scenes together don’t have natural dialogue and it really feels like they’re being forced together rather than an appropriate partnership.

I think the thing that really makes the story worthwhile is the incredible illustrations. The work, by Atagun Ilhan, is fantastic! The shading and scenery really give the reader a realistic view of what’s going on in the story. Plus, all the characters have some great facial expressions and actions that make them each quite distinct. Even the supernatural aspects like the zombies and vampires have really spooky quirks. The action scenes are really well done because there’s not too much in terms of background elements to distract, which gives it a scarier effect as you focus on the fighting.

I think that one of the main problems I have is that it’s a little too short to get into the story. I might consider reading the series further. Overall, it’s not the most creative thing I’ve read, but the illustrations really make up for it!

I was lucky enough to receive a free eCopy of this book in return for signing up for the official website’s newsletter. This is an honest review of the work.

If you hurry, you also might be able to gain yourself a free digital copy and a preview at the second issue:


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