Hashtag Game on Twitter later tonight.

For those interested in Twitter, I will be co-hosting a hashtag game, @AFrikkinHashtag tomorrow with @BrettFishA & @Mioscenic. My twitter account is @Cattereia, if you’re interested.

A hashtag game is essentially like a writing prompt. You’re given a short sentence or the beginning of a sentence. From there, within the remaining character limit, you come up with a tweet related to the tag.

So what are these hashtags? Generally it’s a specific tag, often made up for each round. There are sometimes word limit games, ones where you complete a sentence, based on media (TV, movies, books, etc), based on current events (stuff in the news, celebrity happenings), etc, etc.

It’s a fun little way to encourage your creativity, engage with other users and get a little more interest for your account.

You won’t always come up with something hilarious or brilliant, but it’s still a great opportunity for you to write something. Even if it is only one or two sentences, it might be that little spark you need to write something more important to you.

We’re not releasing the tag until the game starts, but I can tell you that it’s inspired by reality TV. Keep an eye out on the @AFrikkinHashtag for when it’s released. The time it starts is 8.00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Wednesday noon SA time. 6am EDT and I’m not so sure about the time changes for other people, but you can check out the changes on this page: TimeAndDate.com.



030 – Writing Prompt

 photo 030 - CynicallySweet - Writing Prompt.png

It had at least eighteen tentacles.
Probably more, but I couldn’t keep track of them
whilst they flopped and slithered around at my feet.
I was mildly disgusted by the slimy feeling
as they oozed against my bare skin.