Hashtag Game: #MyRealityTvShowWillBe

I was intending to post this earlier, but I’ve got house guests and I needed to prepare for their arrival. However, I’ve got a bit of time before bed now. The other day, as you might have seen, I posted a friendly warning to an @AFrikkinHashtag hashtag game that I was going to be hosting with @BrettFishA & @mioscenic on Twitter. My own Twitter account is @Cattereia, if you’re interested. They generally occur on Wednesdays at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time/ 12 noon South African time (whatever that might convert to in your area).



My personal feeling is that it went really well! I certainly had fun and it got to be a trending tag in several areas, even here in Australia. It was even still trending several hours after it was first released, I’m excited to say.



So, without further ado, here are some of the ones I thought were great. Yes, this does get pretty long; I enjoyed so many of them!



^^I feel like this one would be a little too real. Fascinating, but also kind of scary!^^


^^Then, when it’s finally released, I would probably procrastinate with watching it.^^


You can check out the rest under the cut.

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