038 – Writing Prompt

 photo 038 - CynicallySweet - Writing Prompt.png

I was once hit in the face with a
whoopee cushion by a boy who said he
loved me. If I had had pigtails, he was
the type of boy who would have been
tugging on them just to mess with me.
Is it possible for him to truly love me?


036 – Writing Prompt

 photo 036 - CynicallySweet - Writing Prompt.png

The water has a metallic taste here.
Though it makes me gag, I still drink it
because it’s the only refreshment I can
have. I’m desperate. I need help.


035 – Writing Prompt

 photo 035 - CynicallySweet - Writing Prompt.png

He wrote in his journal quietly as I spied
through his window. Though I couldn’t
make out his words, I could tell from his
posture and expression that it was
something quite important.


034 – Writing Prompt

 photo 034 - CynicallySweet - Writing Prompt.png

He turned his phone off.
I knew that this was a serious situation.
I put down the beer and, though I still
felt a buzz from the alcohol, I was
determined to make some proper
decisions about our predicament.