046 – Writing Prompt

I had become a ghost. All my life’s work
has amounted to being nothing more than
a pile of papers that my family have taken
to shredding. I tried to summon strength
and managed to blow one sheet of paper
off the top of a pile. It floated down and
lodged beneath a cabinet.


045 – Writing Prompt

I don’t know why sitcoms are allowed
to put assault and bullying on screen
with a laugh track and pretend as if it’s
all a big joke. Abuse is not okay.

044 – Writing Prompt

It wasn’t even a good practical joke. Now
that the dust has cleared, the event isn’t
funny. All that’s left is our friend’s body
on the ground, covered in real blood.


043 – Writing Prompt

Why are there never any watering cans when I need them?