Featured Music Videos 007

I Love My Life by Justice Crew is a great song. I can’t necessarily relate to it; I don’t drink alcohol and I have more of an appreciation for women than to just be happy whilst they’re wearing sundresses. However, I think it’s a catchy song and it’s kind of empowering; it’s one of those songs which tries to teach you to live in the moment and appreciate what you have.

Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie is a powerful song. I like the music video for it so much because I like that we get a look into other people from the characters appearing on the stage. From a gold digging mermaid to unmasked wrestlers, we get glimpses into some weird performances. It’s fun and kind of strange, at the same time.

Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me) by Pastora Soler is the 2012 entry to the Eurovision Song Contest representing Spain. The reason I enjoy it so much is her powerful voice and the lyrics are very beautiful. I think the song deserved to place higher overall, but I think Soler did a wonderful job with her work. Interestingly, her birthday (28th September) is the day before my own (29th September). She’s apparently on hiatus at the moment for stage fright problems. It’s a pity, but I hope she overcomes that; she’s got such an amazing amount of talent.

Featured Music Videos 006

MoneyGrabber by Fitz and the Tantrums is a song that I originally found through watching Criminal Minds, during an episode it was featured in. I think it’s a great song and, though it’s simple, the music video is fairly well done.

Trip the Darkness by Lacuna Coil is a visually interesting video comparing light and dark. I first began listening to the band when I was about 13 or 14. I had borrowed their album, Unleashed Memories, from the public library and I absolutely loved it. I listened to it over and over again. I eventually bought my own copy, but not without borrowing the library’s copy at least half a dozen times.

Only Hard For Me by MIB (Most Incredible Busters) is one of my favourite songs and this is my favourite performance of it. I love the collection of instruments and the way they work well to produce an amazing melody.

Featured Music Videos 005

Devour by Shinedown is from their “The Sound of Madness” album. It’s not the most creative video, admittedly, but I like the energy of the song and the music of it.

Hidden Line by Timethai (featuring Kratae RSiam) is a wonderful video; it features both Timethai and Kratae RSiam at a carnival and competing for each other through the many rides and interacting through the attractions. Interestingly, Kratae RSiam used to be a highly succesful Muay Thai fighter, winning 35 consecutive fights (as stated in this interview).

Haba Haba by Stella Mwangi was the Norweigan official Eurovision song for 2011. Based on the Swahili phrase “Haba haba, Hujaza Kibaba” = “little by little fills the measure”, it’s primarily an inspirational song and encourages the listener to appreciate a slower approach when accomplishing your ambitions.

Featured Music Videos 004

Scared To Death by HIM (His Infernal Majesty) is a great example of the band’s work. It has a clean palette of music and a beautiful sample of Ville’s lyrics. I first started listening to the band about ten years ago (yes, it shocked me as well that it has been so long). Another perspective of music they have is a deep, haggard, gothic look into thiings like love and occultic.

Demonstrate by Rania (Regeneration Idol of Asia) is a fun song, I think. The music video features the vocals, but not with a visual appearance of their newest member (at the time)- Alexandra. From the singers’ perspective, it encourages a partner to take more chances and take life at a faster pace.

Ich Will by Rammstein translates to “I Want” in English and the song speaks of desire for attention. With Rammstein, it’s been at least a dozen years since I first started listening to the band. I think the main reason for my enjoyment of their music is that it takes a different look to the world and some of their songs parody things we might think common, but with a new perspective. Their music is powerful and their stage presence (judging by their videos) is quite an incredible sight.

Featured Music Videos 003

Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (featuring Thanh Bui) is an exciting song with a range of vocal contributions. I much prefer the Mo-Blue-Mix over the original version of the song.

High Heels by Jaz Dhami (featuring Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a fun song. Looking up the English translation of the lyrics, it’s not more than a bit of a praise for a female and her dancing. Admittedly, it does kind of ruin my enjoyment of the song. Regardless, it is catchy and I still like the overall song.

Cliché Love Song by Basim was the song that represented Denmark in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Overall, it came ninth with 74 points. I like it because it’s somewhat upbeat and peppy.

Featured Music Videos 002

She Bangs by Ricky Martin (Spanish) / (English) is a song that’s somewhat old. He released it in October of 2000. (That’s just about sixteen years ago!) I’ve always thought it to be a great song. It’s full of passion and it’s a very lively song with an upbeat tune.

Pray by Manafest is the first introduction I received to his music. I got the opportunity to hear it because of a free promotional download. His music has a lot of religious sentiments, but I think that a lot of people will enjoy how inspiring it is, regardless of whether they’re religious or not.

In The Shadows by The Rasmus is one of my all time favourite songs. This is an acoustic version that was done for Zweden TV on the 19th of March, 2003.

Featured Music Videos 001

Feel So Good by BAP (Best Absolute Perfect) is a great song! The music video has a great energy, full of colour and it’s fun to watch. 🙂

Something Better by Softengine is a song many of you might remember from the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. It was entered by Finland and ended up coming 11th with 72 points overall. It was definitely one of my favourites that year. For a band so young, they are certainly very talented and they have certainly done well for themselves!

Sawan Mein by Sachin-Jigar, Divya Kumar & Jasmine Sandlas is a great performance for the Coke Studio. According to the description, Sawan Mein is a song about broken hearts and it speaks of the negative feelings in one’s mind. Though it’s in an alternate language, not everyone would understand that. Regardless, it’s a great song and an interesting tune.