068 – Writing Prompt


You ought to just leave this place. Travel
as far away as you can. Make new friends,
new family. Don’t think of me, or the life
you so pathetically call your own.

Not once did he look up from his
work during the night. He was too
distracted. He did not even hear the car
crash into the house. It was only when
the police officer tapped on his shoulder,
early next morning, that he finally
realised what had happened.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand that
the humans that deliver your mail and take
away your garbage are people too. So are
cashiers, waiters, teachers & carnival ride
operators… Well, except for Angus. We don’t
know what he is; he just came to our planet
about a year ago. That’s not even his name;
that’s just what we call him. But you should
still treat him with respect.